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BUDGETmaster exists within our OSC and allows each account to set a monthly or yearly budget, with either flexible or controlled limits. Chain accounts can limit the spending of just one, particular, or all SubAccounts by selecting a Master account and assigning some or all facilities' accounts as Subaccounts of the one Master account. Doing this allows Chains to manage all local and remote facility expenses.

Budget Management
  • Monitor monthly budget
  • Track month and year-to-date purchasing history
  • Search Invoiced Orders, using PO#, Order Name, Order Date, etc.
  • View Invoiced Orders Ship-To Addresses, Freight, Sales Tax, etc.
  • Fully automated, secure forgotten password retrieval

Master/Sub Accounts
  • Select a Master or Subaccount and assign some or all your facilities' accounts as Subaccounts of this one Master account.
  • Restrict selected Subaccounts to Formulary
  • Use Master to order for Subaccounts
  • Use Master to review history of Subaccounts

Contact Us to start receiving the benefits of BUDGETmaster

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