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Online Supply CenterTM (OSC)

Online Supply Center (OSC) is available to all First Choice Medical Supply customers who have access to the internet. Simply Request Access and you can begin to simplify your medical supply ordering, tracking and reporting with the following features.

Faster, Easier On-Line Ordering

Online Supply Center is an easy-to-use medical supply ordering system with highly intuitive features. All orders are processed in real-time.
  • Place orders quickly and easily - 24 x 7 x 365
  • Choose bulk or patient specific delivery
  • View Orders and Re-Order from Order History
  • Check prices and Receive real-time order status
  • Administer your Shipping Addresses - in Real-Time!
  • Standing and/or Unattended Scheduling of orders
  • Maintain all OSC account settings - email addresses password, start screen, formulary controls, etc.
  • PO Number Building/Autopopulation! and more...

Comprehensive On-Line Product Catalog

Online Supply Center delivers information for over 10,000 medical supplies and products to your fingertips:
  • Easy product searches, by
    • Keyword, Description, Man., FCMS ID#, Man. ID#, Other supplier ID#
  • Quick Entry ordering - Up to 14 line items at a time!
    • Add to Cart by FirstChoice or Manufacturer's ID#
  • Most Frequently Ordered Items search
    • Excludes items from list if not ordered recently
    • Select items, enter Quantities, and Add to Cart!
  • Point and click On Your Mark! ordering
  • Custom Interfaces created - to meet your needs!

Essential Information Management

Online Supply Center gives you the ability to understand and manage your costs:
  • Monitor monthly budget
  • Master/Sub Account Management
    • Select a Master or Subaccount and assign some or all your facilities' accounts as Subaccounts of this one Master account.
    • Restrict selected Subaccounts to Formulary
    • Use Master to order for or view history of Subaccounts
  • Track month and year-to-date purchasing history
  • Search Invoiced Orders, using PO#, Order Name, Order Date, etc.
  • View Invoiced Orders Ship-To Addresses, Freight, Sales Tax, etc.
Request Access or Request Customer Assistance

If you would like more information about entry into our e-commerce, call our Customer Service department at 1-800-809-4556, or Contact Us.

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